Car Towing Service Guide

One of the things that can happen to any of us is that the car suddenly shuts down on the road, highway, and street. Car Towing Service can solve these problems.

However, this becomes even more important when our car is automatic. Gear cars can be moved with a little trick when they break down, but automatic cars can never be moved.

At this time, the car can be moved only with the help of a car towing and battery-to-battery operation. You can call harat scrap car help when you need to tow your car automatically.

Our paramedics will be on-site immediately and will move your car to a reputable repair shop. All you have to do is call +1 604 442-8400 so that our rescuers can come to you with special equipment.

What is Car Towing?
Car Towing is a set of actions to move the car to a specific location using a third-party car. Towing can be done by a rotating truck, towing, or other vehicles.

To do this, we will need special tools such as tow ropes, ropes and… There are some differences between towing a car and automatic and it has to go through different steps.

When should the car be towed?

Several factors can cause our car to need towing. Factors such as rupture of the timing belt, failure of the car electrical system, breakage of the wheels, engine failure, and…

But in general, when you hit the car starter, the starter operated but the car did not turn on, it is the time when you need to tow and car tow your car.

Note that in these cases, the car must be towed with the correct and standard methods so as not to be damaged. You can contact us by phone number or website and send your request in case you have an accident on the road and need car towing and car transport services.

Our operators will guide you and send the nearest technical and expert helpers to transport your car to its destination in safe and standard conditions. Many people believe that towing is not safe and will damage the car, but how true is this?

Important items in Car Towing and automatic towing

Important items in Car Towing and automatic towing

During car towing, automatic towing of the car must be considered and observed in various ways so that the car gearbox is not damaged. These include the following:

If you have to move the car without forcing the two front wheels, make sure your car is in the open position and the engine is on; Because if the car engine is off, the oil rotation in the gearbox will stop and will cause a lot of damage to it.

Always try to use a specialized device to tow the car that can lift the two front wheels.

The method of getting rid of the automatic transmission in the engine mode is different for automatic vehicles and has its methods.

Hence it is better to learn it. This is very simple in new cars and it is enough to hold the button on the shifter and release the gear.

Note: The automatic vehicle can not be turned on in any way by shifting, and it must be charged by installing a full battery or finally turning it on by battery-to-battery operation.

Important points when towing the car

Important points when car Towing and towing the car

  • Choose a safe and secluded route.
  • When the car is downhill or Towing slows down, apply the brakes slowly to avoid colliding with Car Towing.
  • Check the joints.
  • When installing the connections, you can also gently press the car brake so that your car does not have extra movement.
  • Be sure to check the vehicle steering system before towing.
  • Note that during towing, you should turn on your car’s hazard lights or flashers, even when the air is clear. This will make the rest of the drivers aware that the car has a problem.
  • Check for towing tools to make sure they are safe and secure.
  • Always drive in the same direction and completely behind the towing machine and release the brake so that the tow wire is not pulled.
  • The main thing, IE the car’s hydraulic braking system, be sure to check that it is safe and has no problems.
  • Apply the parking brake to your car and release the gear.

Note that the maximum distance between two cars when towing the car with tow rope, rope, or tape and… 4.5 meters. However, if the distance between your car and Car Towing was more than 1.5 meters, you should use a colored cloth in the middle of the rope or bar.

In addition to turning on the car lights, it is better to warn with a sign that the car is broken. To do this, you can write on a large piece of paper that the car is being towed and stick it to the car window.

Keep your car slow and do not brake suddenly. At this time, pay full attention to the lights of the towing car and adjust your driving with it.

Car towing steps

Car towing steps

1) The correct choice of car towing device:

2) Create a fixed two:

3) Check the car before towing:

4) Familiarity with towing behavioral symptoms:

5) Brake and gear status when towing the car:

6) Start moving in the car tow:

Be sure to release the brake as soon as the tow truck starts moving, otherwise, the tow wire or rope will be pulled too far. Do your best to move in a straight line with the car in front and put the steering wheel in a straight position.

If the killer slowed down for any reason; Press the brakes gently so that you can no longer lose control of the situation and both vehicles can move in complete safety.

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