What is a towing device? Introducing towing types

Sometimes your car breaks down when you least expect it. In such cases, you should contact a towing service company and take your car to the nearest repair shop with one of the car towing devices. It is good to know that these companies are designed to service different types of vehicles, so when calling, you should be careful which type of trailer is right for your vehicle. Based on what has been said, we are going to introduce different types of towing devices in this article.

towing device flatbed
These narrow tow trucks are one of the most common and widely used types of tow trucks in the world. The rear of the trailer consists of a long, flat surface and a hydraulically inclined flat surface, which is very effective in moving the vehicle up and down. In fact, with the help of this ramp, you can easily drive or pull the vehicle to the back of the truck. In addition, this towing device can be used to transport damaged vehicles on the road.

It is interesting to know that this tug carries a large number of vehicles and even boats at the same time. Since the use of this towing device is one of the safest ways to transport vehicles, this type is also used to move zero vehicles from the factory to different cities.

Integrated towing device
These types of towing devices are specialized and are used to transport heavy vehicles such as buses, trucks, and so on. This type of trailer uses additional axles and arms embedded in its axles for more stability. In addition, these giant trucks use extra power to avoid the hassle of transporting heavy vehicles.

Towing device hook

Towing device hook

In the past, these tow trucks were mainly used to carry a variety of vehicles. After a while, they realized that not only was there a lot of pressure on the vehicle during transport, but the chains attached to the car scratched and damaged its bumper. In addition, it can damage the car’s actuator. Therefore, it is recommended to use this option only to move unused vehicles to the scrap area. Because today, tow and chain tow trucks are mainly used to transport broken vehicles. Because damaging the bumpers and actuators of these cars is not important and some of them are already damaged.

Towing device wheel lift
These tow trucks have a mechanism similar to chain trailers, except that a long metal bar is used instead of chains. This metal rod is placed under the two front or rear wheels and is separated from the ground by the hydraulic lift of the car, so as not to damage the car bumper. Although these tow trucks are less secure than flatbed towing devices, they are relatively inexpensive.

What are the features of a towing device?
Towing device are strong vehicles in which the engine is embedded in them, and the body and chassis of the vehicle have high power and strength. In our country, cars such as vans and Nissan can be towed. They are familiar with transporting cars, for example, a flat tire is one of the things that a car driver should pay attention to. The car must fit the car.

What is the use of a towing device?

  • Car transfer with a technical defect to the nearest repair shop
  • Transportation and movement of random vehicles
  • Car transfer to insurance centers
  • Carrying and moving the car to change the license plate
  • Moving race cars

What is the difference between a tow truck and a towing device?

What is the difference between a tow truck and a towing device?

First of all, we want to examine what is the difference between carrying a car and a towing device? A car is a vehicle on which your car is mounted by a cache and transported to its destination. But a tow truck is a device that attaches your car to the end hook of the tow truck with a chain or tow wire and pulls the car to its destination.

So we realized the difference between a car and a trailer. In simpler language, in the truck, the car is mounted on the truck, but in the car trailer, it will be pulled after the trailer.

Safety difference between truck and trailer
Now that you know how the tow truck works, you must know which one is safer. Undoubtedly, moving the car with the truck is much safer than towing, and the reason is that the car is mounted on the car and is completely fixed, and is protected from any impact and damage from inside or outside the truck. But in a car trailer, it is connected to the trailer only with a chain or tow wire and is not fixed and is constantly vibrating and moving. Therefore, impacts from outside may be inflicted on the vehicle by other vehicles on the route.

Tips on Vancouver Towing and Mobile Car Relief
Tips on Vancouver Towing and Mobile Car Relief

Paying attention to car rescue expert tips on transporting and towing a car and towing passenger and non-passenger cars can help you a lot when using harat towing services.

The first point is that you, as a car driver, must always have the tow car number in Vancouver with you so that when traveling out of town or in the city, if you have a problem, you can simply call the harat car helpline company. Dear towers in Vancouver, to be towed to your car by a tow truck rescue team

Do not use any tow truck, as our tow trucks, suitable for your vehicle, can be used by harat cranes, harat floor insoles, or fast, defective, or accident-prone vehicles with complete safety without damage. Take your car to the nearest repair shop with your desired location.

It is also worth noting that if you do not leave your car to specialists, they may cause serious damage to your car that can not be followed.

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