Why does the car engine make strange noises?

The car engine can be introduced as the heart of the car. Taking care of it is very important and has a great impact on the useful life of the car. Sometimes you may notice an unusual sound from the engine…Stay with us in the Why does the car engine make strange noises? article

Although most of these sounds are not very important, you should first check them and identify the causes to prevent further serious damage to the car.

But these sounds have different states and are accompanied by different symptoms. In the following, we will examine the cause of these unusual sounds together. You can ask all your questions to the supporters of the harat tow company.

Cause of abnormal sound from car engine
Hearing strange noises from the engine can be due to various agents. These reasons are:

Soupape voice

One of the reasons for hearing abnormal sounds from the car engine is that there is a problem in the Soupape, which is often ticking constantly, from the top of the engine and exactly from the Soupape. However, this noise is more likely to occur due to problems in the lubrication area, such as lack of oil or hardening of the filler, reduction of oil pressure, clogging of the oil filter pump, and poor quality of the oil, or loss of Soupape.

To eliminate this sound, it is better to open the lid of the Soupape cap first and check how the oil is sprayed for a while. If the pressure is low, it is best to show the car to a skilled repairman. Remember that most of the time the oil light does not show when the oil pressure drops.

Belt damage
Damage to the belt can also cause abnormal sounds from the car engine, which are often screaming. To solve this problem, the belt must be repaired or replaced. If the screaming continues even after the car engine is turned off, check the radiator pressure cap; Because it may be damaged.


Why does the car engine make strange noises?

Bearing failure can cause abnormal noise under the car engine. This sound is loud and often due to a lack of engine oil and improper lubrication. The best way to fix this noise is to open the engine from under the car and check the bearings and crankshaft. The sound is often knocking and can cause serious damage to the engine.

However, the use of improper fuel, the presence of carbon in the engine, and the lever of the valves can also cause this sound to be heard from the engine. Did you notice that one winter morning when you wanted to turn on the car, the car did not start? Read the article Reasons why the car does not start and overcome this problem very easily.

Abnormal breathing of the engine

Another cause of abnormal engine noise is abnormal breathing of the car engine. You can see that gaskets are often used in the inlet and outlet ports of the engine, which can seal the metal or iron-to-iron connection well in these parts. Now, if this exhaust throat gasket is damaged, smoke will penetrate the room as it moves, and this will cause a pounding sound to be heard from the exhaust throat. It is also possible that this sound will be played top to the top while the machine is running.

In addition, due to damage or burning of the exhaust side gasket, a sound similar to the sound of warping can be heard that the higher the engine speed, the more this noise increases. If you hear a leaking sound like an air leak, the air manifold washer may be damaged. When this part breaks down in injector vehicles, it can cause the engine speed to fluctuate similar to that of a stepper motor.

Another cause of abnormal sound from the car engine is damage to the cylinder head gasket. When the cylinder head gasket burns or disappears between two adjacent cylinders, it causes the cylinder compression to spread to the adjacent house during ignition, reducing engine power. The sound caused by this incident is clear and has a special state that Mr. Emdad’s experienced specialists can easily detect and solve the problem by replacing the cylinder head gasket.

Impact sound on the engine

Impact sound on the engine

Occasionally there is an abnormal sound from the engine due to an impact on the engine, which can be due to the car engine overheating, the ignition timing not being adjusted, the piston moving incorrectly, and so on. See when the piston is ignited before it rises, the piston explodes inside the cylinder as it rises with great force, and this incorrect timing causes a loud sound to be heard. This is very damaging to the engine and the timing between the piston and the cylinder must be coordinated very quickly.

Existence of a foreign body
The presence of a foreign object in the cylinders can also create an abnormal sound that also has a clear sound. This object may have entered the car cylinder when opening the car engine air inlet or changing the car spark plugs, the only way to eliminate this noise is to open the car engine cylinder head and take it out.

Loosen car engine chains
As you know, there are different types of motors, some of which use timing belts or crankshafts to precisely open and close the valves and get the rotational force of the valve shafts, while others use timing chains for this purpose. But sometimes chainsaws can be damaged by prolonged operation and make a sound similar to the sound of fillers. This sound can be easily detected by harat car’s specialists and can be eliminated by adjusting or changing the time chains.

Engine handle failure

The handlebars or base of the engines may not be as important, but these parts have a rubber part, in addition to being able to hold parts such as the gearbox, engine, and cabin in place, they also prevent vibration and can cause abnormal sound from Be the engine. The pedestals will limit the vibration of parts such as the chassis and the room. If the rubber part of the handle is torn or damaged, it is no longer possible to control this vibration, as a result of which the body of the car and the engine vibrate and make a noise while working.

If you notice a vibration, just check the base or handle of the motors and make sure they are healthy. However, sometimes the rupture of the exhaust packages can also cause the body to vibrate and make an abnormal sound.

Gudgeon pin Loosening
Another cause of abnormal engine noise is the looseness of the Gudgeon pin, which is common. Because every time the piston and the connecting rod move, they cause this sound to occur. This sound is heard from the top of the car engine and it is destroyed only by opening the engine and finding the defective Gudgeon pin and replacing it.

Concluding remarks
If the unusual sound of the car engine is repeated every day and constantly, it indicates that there are serious problems in the car. The best thing to do is to take action to fix it and take voice troubleshooting seriously. Because carelessness can never solve its problems and even causes more serious and dangerous problems. You can contact us at harat to troubleshoot the car so that our rescuers can reach you very quickly and fix the car problems with accurate knowledge.

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