How to Get Rid of Your Old Cars for Free?

Old cars have always been a problem in Canada. People tend to have new cars udually you do not know how to get rid of your old cars for free. Read the article in haratscrapcar to get to know the process and the condition for this service.

What Are Old Cars?

Old cars are the ones that are old in age and they can also be cars which are not that old in age but they are not fixed and they have to be repaired. Sometimes people can use their old cars without any problems but they don’t because they think they deserve a better car so they buy new ones. But what happens to the old cars?!

How to Get Rid of Your Old Cars for Free

Living in Canada has made it easy for people to get rid of their old cars for free and it can be shocking that people can also receive money in exchange with their old cars. There are many dealerships that provide free services to remove your old cars and there are also many dealerships that can pay you money for your car.

Row of Dismantled Car Doors
Row of Dismantled Car Doors

What Is haratscrapcar?

Haratscrapcar is a dealership which provides both free old car removal services and buying your old cars. We have many workers here who will be happy to help uou with your accidental or wrecked cars.

You Can Exchange the Car?

Sometimes your car is way to new to be considered old. So you can exchange the car and put some money on it and give it to some dealerships that they give you your favorite new car in exchange with your old car and they get some more money, too.

You Can Sell Your Car Privately:

If you do not want the money right away you can also sell the car privately so you need more time to sell it to the right person but sometimes your old car is way to old and damaged to be worth of buying so you have no choice but giving away your car for free to a dealership that can help you with scrapping your car.

How to Scrap Old Cars?

Old cars that are not worthy of repairing can be put in scrap yards to be removed or disposed. There are some companies such as haratscrapcar that can scrap your car for free. So you can grt rid of your old car for free.

What Is a Scrap Yard?

Scrap yards are big properties that are full of old cars. Cars that need to be removes. As you know, there are many parts in old cars that can be used again in cars or even in other devices. Some parts of the car is better not to be crashed or melted down so they need to be removed as well. So that the car is ready to be removed completely.

What Is Old Cars’ Recycling?

Recycling is one of the most common ways to get rid of old cars for free. It means that you actually break down the old car into component and reuse it for other purposes. It is done by draining the fluids such as gasoline and coolant. One of the benefits of the so_called process is that you save the environment from hazardous substances.

What Happens to the Crushes Elements?

When you break down the old car into smaller peices the crushes elements are turned into different materials like steel, copper and plastic therefore as it is obvious they are used in many different devices.

Metal scrap car debris lying in war torn Ukrainian city
Metal scrap car debris lying in war torn Ukrainian city

Getting Rid of Old Cars By Charity:

There are some charities that accept your old cars for some parts. There are many old vehicles that can be used for some parts of them that are still in good condition. Remember selling the old vehicle for parts means you need to dismantle it.

What Is the Benefit of Getting Rid of Your Car for Free?

These methods not only gives you the chance to get rid of your old car for free but also it allows other people have the parts that may need for free. Remember getting rid of your old car can also free up space for you as you may keep your old car by the side of your street or in your garage.

Why Shouldn’t You Keep Your Old Cars?

Some people just have so muvh memories in their car that they do not dare to sell it or give it away. So maybe it is better to see what cons there are to keep your old cars.

Old Cars Are Bad for the Environment:

The oil and hazard substances of your old car can be digested by the soil and air. So they are harmful for the environment. Since the harmful materials go into the soil they can also be harmful for future gemerations.

It Is Expensive to Repair Old Cars:

There are many vehicles that cannot be repaired anymore however some of them can get into good condition if you pay more money on them. So sometimes it is too expensive to fix a car it is better to get rid of old cars for free.


It Is Not Safe to Drive Old Cars:

Old cars are no longer roadworthy. They may still work but having them on the streets are no longer safe. They cannot save you from accidents and if there is an accident you will be hurt so bad because of the sharp and broken parts.

Old Cars Just Take Too Much Space

Usually people in Canada tend to keep their old cars in garages. What happens is that they just take the space in the garage. And they also make your property look ugly.


The Replacement Parts:

When a vehicle gets old it is really hard to find the parts that are broken. As their age increases the parts are harder to find so repairing them gets hard.

More Expensive Insurance

It is obvious that the expense of the insurance gets higher when the vehicle gets old. So it is better to get rid of your old cars as soon as possible.

How to Contact haratscrapcar?

haratscrapcar is a dealership that can help you get rid of your old cars for free. All the process would be like a dream to you. You can easily contact us through this link  and you can also get to know our services here:

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