How to Scrap Your Car?

Haratscrapcar is a company which can help you scrap your car as soon as possible. Read the article in haratscrapcar to get more information about how to scrap your car and earn money.

What Is a Scrap Car?

Scrap cars are cars which are not roadworthy and you cannot use them anymore. Cars with problems that can not be fixed anymore can be sold to dealerships so that they are scrapped or turned into raw metal.

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Why Should You Choose Haratscrapcar?

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What If My Car Is Too Good?

Sometimes your car is too good to be scrapped so you are not willing to scrap your car. Haratscrapcar can offer you a profitable price so that you can make a fortune.

How to Scrap Your Car?

Car Insurance after Scrapping

As soon as your car is recovered, you will no longer be responsible for the vehicle – so you can cancel your insurance.

It’s a good idea to talk to your insurance company about cancelling so that they’ll be able to let you know if you’re entitled to any refunds, or whether you can transfer your cover to your next car.

What About the Insurance while Transporting?

As soon as the person collecting your car begins recovery, the car becomes their responsibility which means haratscrapcar – remember it includes the whole journey to the scrap yard. You don’t have to worry about the car when it leaves your possession – as our collection partner’s insurance will then take over.

Getting Insurance Refund

In some cases, you may be issued a refund for any insurance cover period that you’ve paid for – but no longer require. Whether you’re due a refund will generally depend on how you’ve paid for your policy; if you’ve paid upfront for the year, you may be entitled to some money back – but, if you pay monthly, you may find that your insurance company will just cancel future payments. If you’re not sure, contacting your insurance company directly will get you a definite answer based on your specific circumstances and policy.

Finding Buyers for Scrap Cars:

The easiest way to find a buyer when you are researching who buys scrap cars is to do a Google search for “sell scrap car in Canada”. You will then see all the scrap car buyers in your area which in your case os Canada. You can arrange for the sale of the car either through a website form or by calling the scrap car buyer.

If the car isn’t roadworthy, then haratscrapcar will collect it. It is also possible that they will repair the car and sell it. You can donate the value of your car to charity: there are websites that will arrange to collect your car and donate its scrap value to charity.

How Much Does My Car Cost?

The value of a scrap car depends on its make, model, size and weight. Your car could be worth a couple of hundred pounds. A small Fiat 500 is likely to be worth less than a large Land Rover, of course.

Any quote you receive will be based on the whole package of car with no parts being removed. You can also receive the money in cash however it is illegal in some countries.

Vintage cars abandoned in scrap yard
Vintage cars abandoned in scrap yard

What Happens to Scrap Cars?

In Canada the policy is different from other countries such as in the UK. Scrap yards can remove some parts of your car which are believed to be worth of using again. The other parts of your car arr either disposed or melted down into raw metal.

What Is the Depollution Process?

The first step in scrapping your car is to extract the hazardous materials present. The car battery is removed, which contains acid that can cause blindness this is why they should be removed in good hands, and lead, which is poisonous when ingested.

The fuel tank of your car will also be removed, along with any airbags fitted. These parts are both really dangerous because they can explode. In terms of air bags, this is caused by the chemicals they contain. When it comes to fuel tanks, traces of petrol or diesel are highly flammable. Containing pyrotechnic charges, seat belt pretensioners are also removed for safety.


What Is Disposing?

The fluids contained in a car for scrap must also be disposed of correctly. Those of fuel, coolants, oils and anti-freeze can contaminate soil or the water supply if you do not deal with it well. Car parts that come into contact with fluids and pollutants or contain them must also be removed. From your car’s catalytic converter to its oil cap, all must be dismantled safely.

How Is Recycling Tyres Done?

Recycling the tyre after removing them should be done in special centers because they can actually burn in a very high tempreture for many days. So they must be removed and recycled in centers which are spotted by us.


Crushing Scrap Cars:

When the depollution process is fully done, your scrap car is ready to be safely crushed. All of its individual parts are separated by material classification including metal, fibre and plastic, then fully recycled.

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